The Folly is a carnival village, an imaginary shanty town, built around a clock tower and a windmill. Like a medina, this interactive structure will be a complicated network of passageways, ladders, tunnels, cargo nets, secret doors and hidden rooms. While there will be many ways to enter, only a few paths will access the central courtyard.

The stage inside the courtyard will offer musical, burlesque and other performance opportunities, both planned and ad hoc. Theatrics, ballet, spoken word, lectures, yoga classes and whatever else participants want to bring to this accessible public sanctuary space will be celebrated and welcomed.

Budget permitting, fish and chips will be served with bad cockney accents, courtesy of English Jonny. Various other popup storefronts will include activities like bike repair, costume shops, karaoke parlor and mythic beast taxidermy.

The Folly strives to become a community gathering place for the entire City and to encourage a childlike sense of wonder and playfulness within a challenging, dynamic environment.