Proposals for interior spaces


It takes a village to… raise a village?

We’re seeking artists to develop interior rooms, bringing their vision together with ours into unique and varied spaces that invite people to explore. We’re also looking for folks to bottom-line existing concepts, work on special projects, and contribute in other ways. Reach out to if you have something you’d like to contribute, or want to get involved!

Intro to the Concept

A ramshackle town rises from the playa, bustling with people, waving flags, and creaking rigging. On the perimeter, a fish-as-chips shop serves crispy fishchips, storefronts and ladders invite people to explore, and a spinning windmill catches the breeze. Twisting pathways bring you into a central courtyard, complete with an event stage. It's reminiscent of western ghost towns, abandoned laboratories, and well-loved workshops. Windows flutter with carefully mended lace curtains, the handles of the tools in the workshop are smooth from wear, and every corner feels lived-in and loved. The Folly draws in people from all over the desert to gather, but the townspeople have also started noticing new visitors- rocks shifting across the playa in strange patterns. Are they getting closer? Maybe the new museum curator will know... We invite you to create a narrative for your space, that we can incorporate into each others' work as we build together.

The Folly is a complete town, with a town clock, workshop, museum, bar, sanctuary, and restaurant. We'd love to hear your ideas for key additions, like an apothecary, a library, school, bunkhouse, etc.

Check out our pinterest board to get a feel for our aesthetic.


Note on the build process

We're doing as much building off-playa as we can, at our Oakland build space in American Steel. We're building each wall, decorating it as much as possible, and flat packing it onto trucks to go into storage. That's great for us; we get to build in a cozy shop then go home to our own beds, and minimize the stress we'll have on playa. It also means we need to plan ahead for interiors, since we're getting started as each wall gets built. Keep that in mind for your proposal!


What's available

The Folly is a collection of spaces oriented around a central event space with a stage. There's a few broad categories of spaces available for artists to work with. We can't promise you'll get exactly the space you want, so please plan on being flexible.

  • Rooms: roughly 10'x16' spaces on the ground level. These spaces will also serve as overflow seating for the courtyard, and chill spaces. They have various doors and windows opening onto the playa and the interior courtyard. They're a great fit for wall and ceiling mounted art which will keep the floors relatively clear.

  • Towers: We have two smaller towers with two floors each, approximately 12'x12'. One of them has a shaded rooftop hangout space, and one has a crows' nest.

  • Windmill: The windmill has 3 floors available, with varying sizes from 12' to 16' square.

  • Clocktower: The clocktower holds our 20'x20' stage, with high ceilings and 3 levels above it. Each level above the ground is about 14'x14', open in the center. There are staircases to the levels above and below it, so floorspace is limited. We're also excited to hear ideas about the central airshaft, like a chandelier or other piece.

  • Miscellaneous: We're also looking for folks excited to work on wind-powered pieces for the exterior of The Folly, shrines for the sanctuary, and smaller pieces to tuck into nooks and crannies around the piece. Let us know what you're thinking; we'd love to hear your ideas!


Minimum ingredients of a great proposal


  • A couple sentences about your vision! No need to have a finished plan, but we'd like to have a sense of what you're hoping for. Feel free to be conservative in case things go awry; you can get ambitious in the stretch goal.

  • Your stretch goal! If everything goes smoothly, you have all the resources and time you need, what are you hoping to achieve?


The Folly is a #sustainablebuild with a tight budget, and most of the materials we're using are salvaged or donated. With that in mind, breakdown the estimated costs for your plan, if any.


  • Location of you (and your team?) in the coming months

  • Your availability (both off playa and during on-playa build)

Examples of your previous work

We'd love to see what you've worked on before, especially any on-playa projects!



Send your proposal to as soon as possible. The build is in full swing and we're working people in as we receive proposals, so the sooner the better!

<3 Kai and The Folly Builders