dave keane

dave keane

Dave Keane

Lead Artist

After volunteering as a lead carpenter on most major builds in Black Rock City for the past decade, Dave is ready to bring to the Playa a creation of his own. Born out of the idea of a shantytown, The Folly evolved to become a carnival village, a performance space for the City. With the main focus on interactivity, Dave is determined to push the limits of immersive art installation and build a structure of wonder and perspective for everybody to enjoy.


Galaxia - Temple 2018

The Folly Builders

From Flux Foundation and other Bay Area art groups, the Folly comprises planning, logistics, design, fabrication and engineering experts from Temple of Flux, Bottlecap Gazebo, Gregg Fleishman’s Otic Oasis II/Man Base Pistil, Xylophage, Vulvatron Art Car, Temple 2013, Photo-Chapel, Temple of Promise, Totem of Confessions, Black Rock Beacon, BRC Census, BRC Lighthouse Service, Temple 2017 and Temple 2018. Also, the artists built several large shade structures and infrastructure for major camps.